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United House - Sober Residential Living and Reentry Support

United House - Sober Residential Living and Reentry Support

United House - Sober Residential Living and Reentry SupportUnited House - Sober Residential Living and Reentry Support

Recovery Support & Reentry Services

Job Placement Assistance

United House provides employment coaching and job placement assistance including resume writing workshops,  mock interviews, and reaching out to potential employers on behalf of our residents.

Financial Coaching

United House provides financial coaching resources along the lines of opening and managing a checking account and understanding credit reporting to our residents and their spouses in an effort to support financial stability.

Continuing Education Support

United House provides continuing education support through numerous avenues including financial funding workshops, relationships with community colleges, trade schools, and other training.

Behavioral Change Coaching

United House supports accountability.  This is learned behavior taught through workshops and mentoring while enforced through our house rules.  We reinforce healthy communications daily and encourage our residents and their families to take part in individual or group counseling provided by one of our licensed community partners.

Faith-based Support

United House believes that churches play a significant role in reintegrating residents because they provide a safe place to give-in to a higher power, obtain forgiveness, and truly receive a second chance at life.   The church family also helps to foster improved actions and accountability.  United House was birthed from our founders' home church, CrossRoads of Arlington.

Second Chance Community

United House is blessed to be a part of large community of churches, ministries, government agencies, therapists, employers, training providers, service providers, and volunteers.  Our unity and shared passion for providing second chances to those reentering our communities drive positive change.  Together, we make a difference one person at a time.

Overcomers Recovery & Support Classes

Help is a phone call away...

Alcohol and drug addiction support

Overcomers is a Christian recovery support group that meets at 6:00 pm every Wednesday at the United House.  

The group provides individuals a safe place to share their struggles and receive helpful tools to aid in recovery.  

If you ,or someone that you know, have been fighting a losing battle with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sexual addictions, criminal activities, or feelings of inadequacy and failure, our doors are open to you.

The class is taught by certified instructor and minister, Arthur Rodriguez.

Men and women welcome.  No children please.  There are no required fees/costs.  Snacks provided.

Call Arthur at 817-455-9207 for the address.

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