Does United House provide housing?

United House provides Christian-based residential housing for men.  We are not a homeless shelter.  We are not a detox center or treatment facility.  We are simply an alcohol and drug free living environment which provides resources for recovering individuals to live as a family unit while focusing on improving their overall life circumstances.  Our residents typically reside at the United House for 1-year while they prepare to reintegrate.  

United Houses are located in quality neighborhoods to integrate our recovering individuals into mainstream communities away from undesirable environments.  Behavior change is key for successful recovery, and living in a beautiful house in a safe neighborhood helps restore pride and self-esteem and provides additional incentive for the resident to stay sober and law-abiding. 

We are protected by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing  Act (FHA), and the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA).

 The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate against people based on their disability or mental health condition, and this includes those recovering from addiction. 

What are the benefits of United House living?

  • A safe, alcohol and drug-free environment that encourages positive change.
  • An opportunity to develop a new lifestyle by contributing to a community that is focused on health and recovery.
  • A place to develop new relationships with others who share recovery as a common goal.
  • United Houses provide the support and structured living necessary for long-term change to take hold.

What are the eligibility requirements?

A potential United House resident must be alcohol or drug free to be eligible. Generally, a person comes into a United House following completion of a treatment program or at least a 10-day detoxification program.  All residents continue treatment on an outpatient basis and/or are receiving counseling while living in a United House. 

What is the application process?

  • Submit Residential Application.
  • Receive acceptance decision.
  • Confirm move-in date.

Do you accept Medicaid or Insurance?

Most sober living homes are not covered by insurance or state funding. Residents have often gone through medical treatment and therapy that is covered by insurance, and they are now seeking employment, a level of independence, and reintegration.   Since most residents have already undergone the most intensive period of treatment for their addiction, sober living homes do not exist to offer treatment but to help with the transition back into the real world with continued structure and support.

Are you licensed?

Since sober living homes do not offer medical and therapeutic services onsite, they are not required in Texas to be licensed.  The substance abuse treatment facilities and detox centers that some people attend prior to coming to the United House do require licensing and normally accept Medicaid and/or private insurance. 

Some of the independent service providers that we team with are certified though due to state requirements for counseling.



Is there a curfew?

Yes.  United House provides a structure that requires all residents to follow a set of house rules including abiding by an appropriate curfew, attending workshops, obtaining employment, focusing on self-improvement, and preparing for the necessary adjustments required for sober living and reintegration.  

Do you only accept men?

  Yes, at this time.  

Do you accept sex offenders?


Do you perform drug testing?

Yes.   United House has strict regulations around drug testing and ingesting intoxicating substances, including alcohol.